Design variations for a logo for a covers band – based on the clients initial design.

The corporate brand needs to reflect the qualities and identity of the company. It’s not just a logo – it’s the graphic identity of the company and product, but it’s also the voice of the company; it’s about how the message is conveyed.

Very often brand design starts with a logo, and then expands to include all the communication from that company. It needs to be recognisable and consistent. Creating a brand for a client should also include a corporate style guide, in which you detail every aspect of the brand.

Page layout application for a 48 page magazine

Magazine design needs to be clear and consistent, to create a magazine  that’s easy to read, and easily recognised often on a crowded newsagent shelf, fighting for attention among a dozen similar titles.  Corporate magazines will often have a subscriber base rather than relying on spontaneous purchase, and this can often lead to more flexibility in the design of the magazine.

Consistency of the page layout will make the magazine easier to read, as well as simplifying the design and layout of each issue. This can easily be achieved by having style sheets and templates set up for the pages. Working with the editors, you can then ensure that every article follows a consistent style of writing and artwork layout.

2LO Design are currently responsible for the design and layout of two quarterly corporate magazines for clients. These are produced in Adobe InDesign, utilising style sheets and templates to enable the pages to be quickly assembled from the supplied articles and images.

The magazines are then sent to the printers as high resolution print ready files, and also converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF files for online distribution.

Double page spread for the BATC quarterly magazine, CQ-TV

Animated sequences can add an eye-catching addition to your online presence and presentations. Animated infographics can convey more information better than a static image can. An animated company logo conveys a lasting impression that your clients will remember.

Using Adobe After Effects 2LO Design can animate your logos and graphs for use in corporate presentations, charts, dashboards, and videos both in the boardroom, and for your online presence.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – so a video must be worth 25,000 words a second! We use the leading video editing applications to combine video sequences and animated graphics to tell the story for the client.  From initial storyboard to finished edit, ready for distribution, we’ll look after the process from start to finish.

Amy crews the camera alongside the audio technicians in the Anvil, Basingstoke.

Live video can enhance any show or event, whether used for on-stage visual effects, to enhance the viewing experience of the audience, or to increase your audience by streaming live to the Internet.

Panasonic remote cameras allow unusual angles to be captured

At the same time, your video can be recorded to disk to distribute after the event. We operate the Black Magic Design ATEM series of vision mixers, with crewed Sony cameras – combined with a number of remotely controlled Panasonic broadcast cameras to enable video to be obtained from those hard to crew spots – for example in amongst the band! Audio is usually captured straight from the event PA.

Video streaming to the Internet for a school’s radio contact with the International Space Station.

Contact 2LO Design today to see how we can add a new dimension to your live event or show.

Website and UX Design for your online presence.

We design and implement the latest techniques for your online presence to ensure you company and products are easily found online by potential customers. Whether you are looking for a one page application, a comprehensive online brochure of your services and products, or an online store to sell direct to your customers, we use the latest and most appropriate web technologies to best display your website.

User Experience (UX) is important to ensure your message is displayed in the best light, and your customers are able to find and order your services and products in the fastest, easiest way possible. 2LO Design use the latest css and html styles to ensure the search engines register your website at the highest level possible.

A client website, being developed in Adobe Dreamweaver
A client website, being developed in Adobe Dreamweaver